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Things to know about Big Sister

First thing you need to know :
1. Don't hike this mountain if it is too windy. I did it with 100km wind gusts and had to turn around.  
We had some rocks falling on us, our ears and hair were full of dust. We had a lot of adrenaline so I recommend to check the forecast before committing to anything as it is a really exposed hike. Do it in dry conditions!

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Things to Bring:
A BUFF to protect you of the wind/rock/sand/cold
A cellphone with a fully charged batterie
A map
Gloves are really helpful for scrambling

The hike start 17 km after the Bow River Bridge in Canmore. You need to take the Smith Dorrien road  in Kananaskis until you see the Three Sister Hydro Plant . (I attached the Google Map link ). The parking will be at your left right after the Hydro signage.

Big sister is the highest Mountain of the 3 sisters. It is a moderate scramble, be careful of the loose rock and the downhill.  You will find some steep slabby sections and a short approach.

The best time to do this hike is from July to September.

Check out the photo gallery at your left, as you can see it it is really rocky.