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Things to know about Cascade Mountain in Banff National Park

Cascade Moutain has been on my hike wishlist for a long time! So I decided to go for it this weekend (May 7th, 2016).. Ok it was maybe a bit early to do it I should have payed attention to what I read on Parks Canada website to do this hike later in the summer in June-July. 
Unfortunately we were so close to making it to the top  with only 175m elevation left, but I had to turn around because of a scetchy snow patch on a steep slope. We also saw a guy fall  30ft down so I high recommend you do this hike later in the summer if you want to make it to the top. 

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I will have to go back this summer to share more pictures with you on the summit but here is a little teaser with the info you need to make it to the top.

Park Canada did a Scrambler's Guide to Cascade Mountain that is really helpful. I took all my informations from there. I recommend to read this document before heading out. Cascade Mountain is a long hike it took us 5h40 minutes and we got lost because of the snow and we ran the first part so I can see how it could take 6h30 to 9h make it to summit for some people. Make sure to bring enough food and water and start early.

The hike starts at Mount Norquay, you need to park as close as you can to the ski resort.  You need to walk toward the chair lifts until the Mystic Chair lift . You will see a trail sign at your left below the Chair lift, you need to follow the trail to the Cascade Amphiteatre. The first 3 km is pretty flat and easy to run and after it starts to go up. You will reach the Cascade Amphiteatre after 6.6km. After that your scramble adventure will start! I would say with the Parks Canada Guide it is pretty straight forward and you don't need to know much more information. It is a tricky and long hike and not a easy one. Hopefully the snow will melt and you will get pass the false summit!

Click on the photo gallery at your left to discover more about this beautiful hike and his beautiful views on the Bow Vally and Assiniboine on clear day.