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Things to know about Cirque Peak area

Great area for snowshoeing and back-country skiing. There is different option for the parking lot as there is different approach to the mountain. We parked where the heart is. It is about 4km North Mosquito Creek Campground (if you are coming from Calgary you will pass Mosquito Creek). The parking lot will be at your right about 29km after you enter the Icefields Parkway. 

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Unfortunately we didn't made it to the top that day, we decided to change our plans and make it to an other little summit as it was not safe enough and we were short in time. The route we did is linked on the Suunto logo. I still highly recommend this area as it's real winter wonderland!

Don't forget you are in Avalanches terrain, check out before you leave check the Avalanches conditions and the forecast. You need to bring with you all your avalanche gear and crampons could be helpful and a rope if you want to climb the real summit.

I recommend you to buy the book Snowshoeing in the Canadian rockies if you are thinking to do lots of winter adventure this winter. You can even find lots of information about the Cirque Peak area on the online version of the book. 

Great views of Dolomite Peaks, pretty unique mountain in the Icefiels Parkway!

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Photo credit: Brooke Willson