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Things to know about Consolation Lake

To get to Consolation Lake trailhead you need to drive up to Moraine Lake. 
Moraine Lake road is closed good part of the year open from the long weekend in May to the long weekend in September. So yes the road was closed and we made it to the lake. How we did that?

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We road bike! I highy recommand to do this hike during summer at sunset when the road is closed. You can have the lake almost to yourself and it is a easy bike ride. It took us 40 min to get to the lake and and 25 min to come back (24 km round trip) Combining the biking adventure with Consolation lake is the best combo as it is a pretty short hike.

If you usually drive to do this hike. The parking lot is at Moraine Lake,  I am sure this is a pretty popular hike during summer as it one of the shortest hikes to do around Moraine lake and the easiest one. I definitely recommend to do it with your kids as there is not much elevation and the trail is pretty easy with only 119m elevation gain, but it is so worth!!! 

Bring your bear spray you are in grizzly territory. Make sure to check the trail report from Parks Canada . This trail frequently requires hikers to  be in groups of 4 or more due to bear safety. This time of year there is still a lot of snow so wear hiking boots and long pants even if it is warm!

If you are thinking of doing this hike on the weekend, I recommend to plan it early otherwise you will have to take the shuttle from Parks Canada as the parking lot gets full really quick. Don't forget Moraine Lake is super touristy and one of the most photographed location in all Canada! (source: Wikipedia)