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 First of all, the Hornstrandir Nature Reserve is probably my favourite part of my trip to Iceland. You need to book your boat first, we did it 3 days before so it is possible to book last minute during summer but I don't recommend it... Stop by the Information Center in Ísafjörð they are super nice, really helpful for trails conditions and for tide schedule. 

We hiked up 56 km in 2 days and camp 2 nights. Here is what we did: 
Day 1: Boat from Ísafjörður to Veiðileysa 
Here is each segment we did, attached Strava link
Hike from Veiðileysa to Hofn = 11.4 km, 486 elevation gain  
Unfortunately, we didn't see that much as it was super foggy we had to use our Maps Me GPS app as we were not able to see the trail. Still, in July, the trails were really wet and some part cover of snow so it could be hard sometimes for trail finding. 

All photos of day one are at your left

Hofn to Horn = 19 km, 796m elevation gain
Hofn campground is amazing! Hofn to Horn was my favourite part. You get to run over some cliff, we saw 15 arctic foxes, some puffins and millions of other birds. 
Be aware you need to cross a pretty big river at the beginning check the tide schedule before. 
Day 2: 
Hofn to Buðir= 10.5km, 535m elevation gain
Buðir to Hesteyri16.2 km, 611m elevation gain

Be aware in Hesteyri there is a lot of flies!!
All photos of day 2 are below. 

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