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Iceline Trail

Iceline Trail is a classic in the Canadian Rockies. I will try to keep it short and straight to the point as there is already a tons of books and good resources concerning this hike. 

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The Iceline Trail is in Yoho National Park, 3 km east of Field. You need to turn right to Yoho Valley Road, you will follow this road for 13km until you get to the Takakkaw Fall parking lot. It will be a steep, switchback and narrow road. Note that this road is closed from Mid-October to Mid-June but it is open for cross-country skiing during winter. 

First thing to check before heading out is the trail conditions to make sure the trail is open. Here is the Park Canada website you need to go. Also, be ready it will be busy because of Takakkaw Falls but most of people are not going to far on the trail so it is not too bad.

The Iceline trail is a loop so both way you can make it. I suggest you to do it in the counterclockwise as it is nicer to start along the river and keep the nicest part for the end. If you want to do it that way, you will have to turn left at the beginning, past the hostel and turn right to get to the trail. 

You can make the Iceline trail shorter or you could also just make a little part of it and not the full loop. If you are doing just a part of the trail I suggest you go clockwise and turn right at the beginning so you will get a view above Takakkaw Fall ( if you pass the hostel you are not the right way!) It is 12km round trip to get to Iceline Summit. If you want to make the full loop  it will be 21km long, there is a way you can do a short cut to make a 17km to Celeste Lake Connector (this is what I've done as the weather was not so good!)

Iceline is definelty one of the most beautiful hike in the Canadian Rockies I will have to go back on a sunny day but it is so impressive to see those glaciers, alpine lakes, waterfall and mountains all in one hike! The trail is super easy to follow and not technical at all. 

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