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 Kjos Valley

This hike is not the most popular in Iceland. It was pretty hard to get the right information about it. We didn't see a single person after the famous Svartifoss Waterfall. We were not super lucky that day with the weather so we, unfortunately, didn't see that much of the glacier. Not my favorite hike of my trip but I don't want to judge too much as the weather was not super good. 

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After 1.8km  you will get to the famous Svartifoss Waterfall, (it is all uphill to get to the waterfall but it's the only uphill for the whole hike) it is definitely worth it to just do the waterfall. Svartifoss is pretty unique with black columnar basalt formations that beautifully frame the waterfall.

After you pass Svartifoss waterfall you get to a narrow trail where it is super lush. It can be super wet if it rains before, all our pants and jackets were wet because the trail is very narrow. 

Get ready for a lot of sheep on the trail :) We didn't come back exactly the same way we came. When you cross the bridge back there is an option to take a right instead of taking the narrow trail. Check my google map link (strava). 

The trail is supposed to be 28km but we had to stop as the weather was getting pretty bad and the river was too high. 

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