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Things to know about 
​Lake O'Hara area

To get to Lake O'Hara you need to take a shuttle as the road is closed to vehicles. The shuttle runs from June 17th to October 2nd. Make sure to reserve your place, it is really limited as there are only 2 shuttles per day for day users and 4 if you camp overnight. Here is the schedule link. 
Here is the link to book your shuttle. 
This is what it says on Park Canada website: "Day use reservations for Lake O'Hara shuttle bus are now full for the 2016 season. For cancellations, check the Parks Canada Reservation Service or call 1-877-737-3783. Reservations for day use for the entire season opened April 20, 2016." So it might be hard to get a place for a day hike but you never know someone could cancel. 

It is possible to get to Lake O'Hara outside those dates or not with the shuttle. There is no restriction to hike up the road however, biking is prohibited. It is a 12km hike with 400m elevation you can make it about 3h up if you hike fast and we did it in 1h40 to hike down but we were running some parts. During winter, the road is closed but you can cross-country ski to the lake. Here is all the details on the hike on my SUUNTO watch, 

There is lot of day hikes you can do around Lake O'Hara area. Make sure to check the trail conditions on Parks Canada  before leaving. I went to Lake O'Hara June 3rd, there was still a lot of trails with snow and avalanche danger. 

I suggest to stay overnight at Lake O'Hara as it is such a beautiful place and there is so much to do around. There is 3 options :
- You can stay at the Lake O'Hara Lodge , (around $500 a room) the advantage is that you have a private shuttle and all meals are included and you can feel like a rich person for a little while. 

There is 2 other more affordable options:
- Staying at the Alpine Canada Club Hut, Elizabeth Parker Hut . To get a place during summer you need to book  into the lottery draw ahead as the spots go super fast. They might still be some place during the week but on weekend it will be hard unless there is a cancellation. You can book online through Alpine Canada Club it is super easy.  The hut is super furnished one of the best I ever went to!
Pirce $30/night for member or $40
Price in the high season $35 night for member or $45

The third option is to camp. You need to reserve before. 
Here is all the info you need to know to book it.  

We did Wiwaxy Gap attempted to do Wiwaxy Peak and continued on  Wiwaxy route until Lake Oeasa. We would have loved to do more but there was too many snow patches. The Wiwaxy Pass is definetly recommended and the lake Oeasa is just amazing, I was more impressed by this lake than the Lake O'Hara personnaly. It is a nice 8.5km loop to add to your list. 

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