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Things to know about
Lawrence Grassi Mt.

The trailhead is at the Goat Creek parking lot, the same parking lot to start Ha Ling and East End of Rundle. You will cross the road as if you were starting Ha Ling, cross the bridge and continue on your right along the canal. After 2,5 km (about 30 minutes walk) you will see a big cairn and a piece of wood with tape to annouce the start of the trail. Turn left on the obvious trail.

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After about 1 km you will get into a bedcreek, you need to keep left, eventually you will see a big X made with tape to indicate to take the trail at your left. Then you will start to go up until you get to the summit. After that the trail is not hard to find. When your almost at the summit there is a little scramble where the rock is a little bit loose but nothing to scary.

If you want to avoid the busy Goat Creek parking lot, you can drive Spray Lakes Road to the damn where the canel crosses and park there. The distance to park there or at the Goat Creek is the same.

The advantage of hiking Lawrence Grassi is that it is way less busy than Ha Ling. We only saw one other group and Ha Ling was packed with people. You will get amazing views of the Bow Valley, Three Sister, Spray Lakes and Mt.Lougheed. 

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