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Things to know about Moraine Lake during winter

Moraine road closes during winter? yeah your right but that doesn't mean you can't reach the beautiful Moraine Lake. Here is all the info you need to get to the most iconic lake in Canada during winter!

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The parking lot is located at the start of Moraine lake road (you will turn left at the intersection before going to Lake Louise).

Moraine Lake road is groomed in classic and skating. The trail will stop at a view point after 7.8 km you will see a sign Avalanche danger. "Beyond the viewpoint, the road crosses large avalanche paths. Travel beyond this point requires avalanche training and equipment" - recommanded by Parks Canada. 
I suggested you to double check the Avalanche  conditions and the forecast before leaving anywhere for a winter adventures. 

After the view point you will have to ski 3.7 km down to the lake on a non-groomed trail. That's the most difficult and longest part, I recommand to classic ski as it will be way easier to go back up the hill. 

When you get to Moraine Lake parking lot, turn left you will see a sign to Consolation Lake. You will cross a bridge (see on the photo gallery). After the bridge we took off our skis and hiked up on our right to the Moraine Lake view point. It is no easy as you will have snow up to your hips and you are in cross-country ski boots but it is worth the view! 

Things to bring: 
- Lots of warm clothes as the temperature is lot different down at the lake than on the ski trails
- Food! It's not an easy trail as it goes up to 1920m. elevation it's not technical but it could be a long day for slow skiers it took me 2h50 so make sure to have enough time to make it and have enough snacks!

Click on the photo gallery at your left to discover more about this beautiful ski!