Ok first what is an instameet? ( Honneslty I had no idea too before this weekend..)
"An Instameet is where a group of photographers and Instagrammers come together, at a pre-determined place and at a set time, to take photos then upload them to Instagram."

During this instameet a question was asked to us by Free and Easy Traveler  :" What is your definition of adventure ?"
I thought about it the past few days, and I think the best answer is that adventure should not have a definition...
An adventure is not something that should have limits or boundaries. These days so many people make the mistake of putting a clear definition of their adventure with to high of expectation and come back disappointed. Why adventure is so special is that you never know what the outcome will be. 
-Dream big
-Appreciate the simplicity
-Challenge yourself 
-Feel the freedom 
An adventure should help you to grow no mater what the feat.

Here is some photos from the Jasper instameet where I had the chance to learn incredible stories from amazing humans. 
Thank you Tourism Jasper, Brooke Willson, Jon Sinclair and Cory John for hosting this great event in Jasper! See you soon on the trails!

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