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​Plain of 6 Glaciers

The Plain of 6 glaciers is one of the classic hike around Lake Louise so get ready to be with lots of other tourist.  I highly recommand to this hike during the week days early or later in the day to avoid the trafic. 

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There is possibility to make this hike longer if you connect the Lake Agnes and Plain of Six Glaciers trails, via the Highline trail, to form a 14.6 km loop. 

This hike is a good option if you like running/hike as you can run most of it. It is definetely worth to do it as you get amazing view of glaciers. 

There is possibility to stop for a break a the tea house on Lake Agnes or on the quaint Swiss-built tea house close to the end of the Plain of 6 glaciers trail.

The parking lot is at the Lake Louise. It is a super easy trail to find you just need. The trail start at the left of the Fairmont. You just need to follow the sign.

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