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Things to know about Ptarmigan Cirque

The parking lot is super easy to find (you will see a sign on the highway Ptarmigan Cirque parking lot) after Highwood Junction and the Highwood Pass trailhead. Be aware that Highway 40 is closed December 1st to June 15th from Kananaskis Lakes Trail to Highwood Junction. 

This hike is super quick, so its great for a family day or poeple who have limited time. It is also a great break from your drive though the Kananaskis Park. It is a interpreative hike so it's perfect a stop for kids!

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Check out the trail conditions on Alberta Parks    before leaving on your adventure. 

To be honest it is a long drive to the hike for what you get. It's a nice and easy Sunday hike but don't expect something crazy epic!

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There is a good chance you will see Bighorn sheep on this trail. Check out the photos!

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