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Things to know ​​​about Reykjadalur Hot Springs

This is the first hike we did when we arrived in Iceland.
I definitely recommend it, it is close to Reykjavik and short! It's easy to find, the trail is obvious so you can't get lost! 

Reykjadulr Hot springs are about a 40-minute drive from Reykjavik near Hveragerdi. For the trailhead follow the google drive directions, park on the road next to a coffee shop house. Bathrooms are available for the public at the coffee house and you fill up your water bottle before you go. Also, the coffee house offers crepes and coffee if you need a reward at the end! 

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What to bring: bathing suit, hiking clothes, water, ultra fast-dry towel and a snack! The trail is 3km one way so around 6km round trip we did a little bit longer as the trail continues after you pass the reykjadalur hot spring river. It is definitely worth it to keep going :) 

Expect a lot of people on the trail this was one of the busiest hikes we did, but defintely worth it! That geothermal river it's pretty unique!

I would definitely recommend this hike for a young family. The trail is starts with a steep section but after that, it's pretty flat. 

Make sure to stay on the trail, there can be boiling water just off the trail!!

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