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Things to know about Rockbound Lake

The parking lot is 0.2 km east of Castle Junction (after Banff) on the Bow Valley Parkway (Highway 1A). So you need to take the exit at Castle Junction. 

This hike will bring you to 2 beautiful lakes, you have the choice to stop your journey at Tower Lake 7.7 km (the first lake) or continue to Rockbound lake 8.4 km. You can also continue and hike up around 2.5 km to have a beautiful views of Rockbound lake. 

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Rockbound lake is a crystal blue lake, unfortunately my photos don't really proove that as it was really cloudy day. I found this hike throw a photograhy website and I was so impress by the sunrise photo that I need to go explore that. Make sure to click on the link to check out that photo!

Beautiful views of Castle Mountain, it's really cool to see this moutain from the backside. 

Apparently, experimented hikers could continue this hike and scramble to Castle Mountain.

Click on the photo gallery to have a better view of Rock Bound lake.