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Things to know about the Rockwall trail

First thing to know. This is probably my new favourite trail in the Canadian Rockies. It is just unbelivable the whole time. This unreal hike is only 1h30 drive from Canmore. Don't be scared by the lenght of the trail as it is absolutely worth it!

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I did the Rockwall Trail in one day. So this blog edit will only give information about the trail. If you want any information about camping, there are five campgrounds along the trail. Check out Park Canada website for more info. 

Yes it is possible to do the Rockwall in a day. 
Here is the thing you need to know :
- First thing I suggest is to check the trails conditons on Park Canada's  website. 
- Start early 
- Drop a car ( leave one car at Floe Trail Head and one at Painted Pots) or bring a bike so you can bike the 12km on the highway or be ready to hitch hike or just run 67km instead of 55km. 
- Bring a water filtration system there is a lot of water along the trail. 
- Bring a second pair of socks (you probably know that) but I made that mistake. Your feet will probably get wet if you start super early so it will be nice to have a pair of dry socks! 
​- You should know the rest. I am not gonna repeat that you need your bear spray and lot of food and blablabla. 

​I started the trail from the Floe Lake Trail head and finished the 55km at Painted Pots. Usually there is an option to make the Rockwall trail shorter by Numa Creek but this year one bridge is out, so there is no possibility to make the trail shorter. You need to be prepared for that! Apparently it is easier to do the trail from Floe Lake to Painted Pots. 

The Rockwall trail has 4 big passes (total elevation gain of the trail is more than 2500m!) So you basically go up and down and up and down... you will probably walk/fast hike more than you will run. Here are the different sections of the trail :
Floe Lake Trailhead to the Floe Lake Campground: 10.7km- you will get to an amazing lake ( first photo)
Floe Lake Campground to Numa Creek Campground: 10 km 
Numa Creek Campground to Tumbling Creek : 7.7 km
Tumbling to Helmet Falls Campground : 12.5 km
Helmet Falls to Painted Pots : 14.7 km

Click on the photo gallery at your left to discover more about this beautiful hike!