Google Map of the trail
Google Direction From Seydisfjordur
Google Map Start of the Hike

Things to know ​​​​​​​​​about

This hike is about a 1-hour drive from Seydisfjordur. There is a small pullout on the side of the highway it's not that obvious to find, there is a little sign mentioning Stuoruro hike but it could be easy to miss. Check the google map start photo below. 

This hike is a 15km back and forward or you can make it a loop that is around 18km. The last 2 km you will need to walk next to the highway to get back to your parking lot. We decided to do the 15km but if you go on the google map photo below you can get a link to my strava account where you can zoom in to see the trail that makes it a loop. 

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The trail is pretty obvious the whole time. We had some trouble at the end to finding the trail again because the weather changed really fast. It got super rainy and foggy and we were not able to see the trail. Maps.Me GPS App saved us! I strongly recommend downloading it on your phone so you can see all the trails and where you are on the trail, it doesn't use any of your data. You just need to download it when you have wifi. 

The hike itself is not that exciting but I think it is definitely worth it when you get to the pond with the bolder. It is something pretty unique from all the other hike we did in Iceland.