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Google Direction from Lake Louise
Google Direction From Banff

Things to know about Taylor Lake

This hike start 8 km after you pass the Castle Junction (after Banff). You will see on the highway a signer Taylor ,  the parking lot can be accessible ether if you came from the east of west.

You need the cross the wildlife gate please make sure you close it ;) You need to follow the path you will the first sign after 200m. 

Really easy hike perfect for the family, most of the part it's in the forest before you reach the lake. It's not a busy hike so if you are looking for a peaceful place it's perfect.

Click on the photo gallery below, these photos are from September 4th, so make sure to bring the proper clothes with you, we never know what Canadina Mother Nature could do!

You can make this hike during winter in snowshoeing, make sure to check the avalanches report before leaving on your adventure. 

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