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Things to know about 
​Mt. Yamnuska

Yamnuska also called Yam is probably the most popular hike in Alberta probably because it is the closest one to Calgary, it is one of the first shoulder season hikes and because you can get a view in a pretty short time. Honneslty I was not super interested about this mountain as I though it would be just so busy! I have to say that I was wrong and I strongly suggest you do it on a week day or cloudy day espacilly the loop trail as the downhill running is so fun. 

Yamnuska Mt. is the first Mountain you see on your right when coming from Calgary, it's bigger than it looks from the highway. It just looks like a big rock face. 

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The parking lot is super easy to find, it is on Hwy 1A East of Canmore, there is sign on the Hwy for the parking lot. 

This hike will give you the opportunity to make it a loop (9.3km) or turn around on the summit and go back on the same way you came ( 7km)

You have several choices when you climb to the summit. One will go straight or take a longer and smooter way. Both will get you to the summit. 

If you decide to do the loop you will pass some fixed cable spanning a cliff. The challenge is more mental than physical and looks way worse than it is. The circuit will be easier than reversing the ascent but you will have to do some scree running.  There is several choices for the scree runs, they eventually all converge into one. At the end of the scree run you connect back to the trail in the forest and run back to your car.